For 12th Year, Teams Reach State Cup Final Four

November 10, 2017

Herndon Youth Soccer Hurricanes Black, shown above with Coach Todd Hamlin, did not allow a single goal in the run-up to the U15 Virginia State Cup Championship game. They lost in the Final by one goal.
In every year since 2006, at least one team (and often more than one) coached by Total Futbol has advanced to the "Final Four" of the highly competitive Virginia State Cup. 2017 saw that legacy extended once again as Herndon United '99 finished as Finalists in the U19 age group and Herndon Hurricanes Black finished as Finalists in the U15 age group. Both teams lost (to the eventual State Cup champions in their respective brackets) in narrow, one-goal heartbreakers! 
Herndon United 99 scored 11 goals on its way to the U19 Championship match, shutting out two teams and letting in one goal in a third match (while scoring two to secure the victory). In the Final, they suffered a 1-2 defeat to VYS Phoenix 99. Meanwhile, Herndon Hurricanes Black brushed aside three teams on its way to the U15 Final, racking up nine goals and conceding none. The team lost 1-2 to Arlington 2003G Red in the Cup game.
In the last twelve years, Total Futbol has produced five VA State Cup Champions, five Finalists and 11 Semi-Finalists (aka “Final Four”).
Total Futbol Team Finishes in the Virginia State Cup, 2006-2017
2006:  U12 Semi-Finalists (CYA Firecats 94) Spring
2007:  U13 Finalists (CYA Firecats 94) Spring
2008:  U14 Semi-Finalists (CYA Firecats 94) Spring
2009:  U15 Champions (CYA Firecats 94)
2010:  U16 Champions (CYA Firecats 94)
2011:  U17 Finalists (HYS Firecats 94) 
2012:  U18 Semi-Finalists (HYS Firecats 94); U16 Champions (MCLN 96 Green); U14 Semi-Finalists (VYS Thunder Black 98) Spring
2013:  U17 Semi-Finalists (MCLN 96 Green); U15 Semi-Finalists (VYS Thunder Black 98)
2014:  U18 Champions (MCLN 96 Green); U15 Finalists (HYS United 99)
2015:  U19 Champions (MCLN 96 Green); U17 Semi-Finalists (VYS Thunder Black 98); U16 Semi-Finalists (HYS United 99) 
2016:  U19 Semi-Finalists (VYS Thunder Black); U18 Semi-Finalists (HYS United 99) 
2017:  U19 Finalists (HYS United 99); U15 Finalists (HYS Hurricanes Black); U14 Semi-Finalists (HYS Hurricanes Black)
NOTE: For the U12-U14 age groups, the VA State Cup is played in the Spring; for the U15-U19/20 age groups it is played in the Fall. 
Herndon Youth Soccer United '99 (shown above), coached by Total Futbol Technical Director Todd Hamlin, played in their final Virginia State Cup competition in 2017—many of the team's players will make their collegiate soccer debuts in 2018!